5 Tips for Reducing Pain Caused By Braces

5 Tips for Reducing Pain Caused By Braces fort washington

Achieving anything in life generally requires hard work and suffering, and this statement cannot ring more true than for those looking to achieve a beautiful smile by wearing braces. While they’re a necessary evil for the sake of a winning grin, dealing with the overbearing pressure and pain can sometimes seem impossible. However, as any local dentist in Fort Washington can attest, the struggle will all be worth it for the end result. To get through the torment in the meantime, try these five tips for reducing the pain caused by your braces.

  1. Eat Soft Foods After Tightening

Teeth and gum sensitivity can be reduced with soft foods. Try things like soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes or healthy fruit smoothies that can prevent further agony by not inflicting pressure on your teeth and gums. Foods like chips, nuts or vegetables should be avoided for the same reason.

  1. Use Over-the-Counter Anesthetics or Painkillers

Trying a local anesthetic like Orajel can help eliminate the tension so applying as directed can numb the pain. Another option is taking basic painkillers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol to relax the muscles. Ask your local dentist in Fort Washington for dosage suggestions.

  1. Utilize Ice Compresses or Frozen Treats

Since numbing the pain is key, holding a cold compress to the throbbing area can help reduce the swelling and inflammation. Sucking on ice cubes or eating frozen treats like popsicles will work as numbing agents as well.

  1. Paste on Orthodontic Wax

Use orthodontic wax to cover the metal braces that may be causing irritation or pain to your inner cheeks or lips.

  1. Swish and Spit With Salt Water

Since abrasions or sores may be caused by your metal braces, gargling with salt water for 60 seconds can help heal any wounds that form from aggravated skin.

After a visit with your local dentist in Fort Washington, try these tips for reducing the pain caused by the tightening of your braces. One day, your stunning smile will help you forget the hard road it took to get there.

5 Tips for Reducing Pain Caused By Braces

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