Maintaining Good Oral Health During Pregnancy

Maintaining Good Oral Health During Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most unique times in your life. There are many benefits and challenges, and all the changes in your body can affect every part of your life including your oral health. Along with following your doctor’s advice for taking care of your body, there are also specific things to consider related to pregnancy and oral health. Here are some ways to ensure you keep your teeth and mouth healthy during these nine months.

Speak With Us 

For the most part, routine dental cleanings and checkups are fine for pregnant women and don’t carry any unusual risks. However, it’s always good to let us know you’re expecting, and pass along any relevant information from your doctor. You should also indicate any medications you’re taking. Most dentists will suggest you wait on certain procedures such as x-rays or sedation until after the baby is born.

Prepare for Changes

One of the most important parts of understanding pregnancy and oral health is knowing that pregnancy changes things in your body’s biology. For example:

  • Pregnant women may be more prone to gingivitis.
  • Gums may be more likely to bleed.
  • Your dentist may recommend scheduling more frequent cleanings or using fluoride mouthwash.
  • You may be more sensitive to tastes, smells and hot or cold foods.

Make Healthy Choices

What you eat while you’re pregnant not only affects your own body and that of your baby, it also can play a large part in your oral health as well. Follow diet advice from your doctor and dentist, including getting the right amount of necessary vitamins and nutrients, eating a diet low in sugar and exercising safely. If you are snacking more often, be sure to avoid foods that are overly acidic and to brush your teeth frequently.

When you’re expecting, it’s important to understand how pregnancy and oral health relate to each other. Your dentist may have advice or recommendations similar to those of your doctor. Essentially, it’s extremely important to maintain your health during pregnancy and that includes taking care of your teeth as well.

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