Do Good Looking Teeth Really Matter?

As any dentist in Fort Washington can tell you, healthy teeth are the primary focus of dentistry. But what are teeth, really, and how do they affect our daily lives?

When it comes to good oral health, the primary role of teeth is functional. They are required to chew food, and should be able to process the food that we eat easily and effectively, with no discomfort or outright pain. However, teeth are also a highly visible part of our face. As such they play an important role in portraying our personal selves to others in the world at large.

Cracked, broken, or discolored teeth are not just a personal impediment to feeling healthy; they can convey to the rest of the world that we are somehow inferior, incapable of maintaining a pleasing and presentable appearance. Thankfully, feeling good and looking good tend to go hand-in-hand when dealing with teeth. Most oral care procedures thus end up reaping double benefits for the user. Keeping your teeth healthy goes hand in hand with keeping them looking good, and so you will find that most services offered by a dentist in Fort Washington will be doubly recommended.

So you should never feel that you are being forced to choose between a health procedure and a cosmetic procedure. Your public face is one of your most important aspects, so even something like teeth whitening, which seems purely cosmetic, can have a direct impact on your bottom line, and on how much health care you are able to afford in the future. “Invest in your teeth,” they used to say, and it’s still true, even though most dental work no longer involves setting precious metals into your mouth. A “million dollar” smile is an equally strong and reliable investment. See your local dental professional for more information on making your smile look its best.

Do Good Looking Teeth Really Matter?

Dr. Paola and Harmony Dental Health provide Cosmetic and Family Dentistry and exceptional Dental Implant Restoration. From teeth whitening to dental emergencies to dentures, we cover it all. It is our mission to provide comprehensive care at an affordable cost to each and every patient. We want to show you that it’s not just talk and hype at Harmony Dental Health, but real results. We hope to meet your dental needs through care that best suits you. We strive to help each patient achieve greater oral and overall health. In truth, we save smiles! We have situated our practice at 1244 Fort Washington Avenue Suite A of the Upper Dublin Professional Center in Fort Washington. We are directly next to the Upper Dublin High School.

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