How Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

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You may have learned that to stay healthy, you should eat right, exercise and avoid drugs and alcohol. These are all vital pieces of staying healthy, but there’s another aspect that has a big impact on your overall health, and that’s maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Ways Oral Hygiene Impacts Your Health

Your mouth contains over 500 different types of bacteria, and taking care of your oral health can rid you of harmful bacteria. Bad bacteria can cause gingivitis, gum disease, weaken your immune system and even affect your cardiac health. People who suffer from certain diseases, such as diabetes, are more susceptible to dental problems, which means proper oral care is even more important.

Visit the Dentist

To ensure your teeth stay healthy, schedule and visit your dentist in Fort Washington at least once every six months. Your dentist can give your teeth a deep cleaning and checkup to ensure your teeth are healthy. He can also address any potential problems that may arise before they cause long term damage to your teeth and overall health.

How to Care for Your Teeth at Home

Invest in a good quality toothbrush and brush at least twice a day to keep your teeth’s enamel clean. Your toothbrush holds a lot of bacteria on it from being in your mouth, so don’t forget to replace it at least once every couple months. You should also floss and use mouthwash once a day for a thorough dental cleaning.

Eat Healthy Foods

Another important aspect of maintaining good oral health is to eat foods that are low in sugar and starch. Regular intake of unhealthy foods can eat away at your teeth’s enamel and cause tooth decay, which can lead to other secondary problems. Try to keep a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep your teeth healthy.

By taking good care of your teeth at home, eating healthy foods and visiting your dentist in Fort Washington, your teeth should stay healthy. Taking problem steps to care for your teeth should also lead to better overall health.

How Oral Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

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