Socket/ Alveolar Ridge Preservation

Losing a tooth is about more than the aesthetic consequences – without the natural tooth and root to hold the jaw bone in place, your smile may shift over time and change your face’s shape significantly. In order to prevent the bone loss and to keep the natural contour of the jaw and gums, your periodontist may use a technique called ridge preservation.

After a tooth is removed, ridge preservation is often used to offer a better cosmetic outcome and avoid unattractive bone loss. At times, when a tooth is removed, the empty socket will heal independently and fill with tissue and bone. Other times after tooth removal, the surrounding socket may break and can’t heal all on its own. Over time, the width and height of the socket will deteriorate, getting worse the longer the problem is left unchecked. Fortunately, new dental technology and procedures are available to rebuild and preserve the natural contour of the jaw, no matter how many teeth are missing.

More About the Procedure

While it may be not a medical necessity to rebuild the dimensions of the alveolar ridge, it’s often necessary to place dental implants, or to repair the overall attractiveness of the smile. Implants must have adequate bone in place in order to support them, and this procedure is generally used to rebuild bone to ensure that the implant can be supported and will remain in place over time.

The procedure is completed in the following steps:

  • The tooth is removed with state of the art technology and tools in order to preserve as much bone as possible.
  • A bone graft is added to the empty socket – your periodontist may also add growth factors depending on the severity of your situation.
  • Down the line, dental implants can be placed in the ridge that is preserved and protected from shifting and decay over time.

When a tooth is removed, you may not be thinking down the line to the point that you want to have it replaced, but doing so is absolutely crucial to preserving your smile and jawline. Here at Harmony Dental Health , we keep the process as simple and painless as possible in order to ensure that you heal quickly. We carefully remove excess bone and take measures to preserve the existing bone to keep your mouth as naturally healthy as possible.

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