Dental Crowns

Your smile is such an important part of your self-image. Those with broken, missing or discolored teeth may struggle with self-confidence as the way they look affects every aspect of their lives. Fortunately, there are viable, affordable treatment options for those who want to have a brighter, whiter smile that they can be proud of.

Here at Harmony Dental Health, we offer dental crown restoration to our patients that need to fix a chipped or fractured crown.

Benefits of Crowns

As you repair your smile, the goal is to keep it as natural looking as possible. Porcelain crowns are matched to the size, color and shape of your natural teeth to ensure that nothing seems out of place. You get the benefits of a great looking smile without the worry that some teeth look better than others.

Crowns are used for more than just improving the aesthetic value of your smile. They can also be used to replace fractured or broken teeth, to cover teeth that have had a root canal, or to replace fractures or large fillings. Ultimately, the goal is to provide you with a healthier, happier smile that you feel good about.

What to Expect

Dental crowns are typically placed in two different appointments with a cosmetic dentist. The first appointment is used to take specific impressions or molds that are then used to create a crown customized to fit your mouth. At this appointment, your dentist will place a temporary crown to hold the spot and protect your tooth and bite while you wait for the permanent crown to be made. The temporary crown is placed after the teeth are thoroughly numbed and cleaned.

Your second appointment is when the final, permanent crown will be placed. Once the tooth is numb, it is cleaned thoroughly and the permanent material is cemented in place carefully in order to ensure that your bite and spacing remain correct and accurate.

Placing dental crowns is a fairly simple, painless procedure, but one that should be performed by a cosmetic dentist that you trust to pay close attention to detail. Don’t take chances with your smile when you should feel confident every time you open your mouth or smile.

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