Common Oral Health Myths That You Should Know

Common Oral Health Myths That You Should Know


Not everything you know about the health of your teeth is actually worth knowing. That’s because some of it is downright wrong! Here’s how to distinguish between facts and oral health myths.

No Pain, No Problem

If your teeth aren’t hurting, that means they’re in tip-top shape, right? Actually, a lot of tooth problems get started without producing any discomfort. When the pain does show up, it may take a substantial and costly dental procedure to root out the problem. The answer to this is to undergo regular dental checkups to find potential problems before they rear their ugly heads.

Bleeding Gums

You’ve heard having your gums bleed doesn’t mean anything. Oral health myths say it’s normal. Actually, if your gums bleed, it means you may have plaque accumulation in places where your brush isn’t reaching. You particularly have to watch for plaque buildup between your teeth. This is where regular flossing is crucial. It will get between your teeth and get rid of plaque that can settle in and weaken your gums.

Mouthwash Use

Mouthwash is supposedly the killer for bad breath. However, bad breath may be the symptom of a problem that mouthwash isn’t going to fix. You may have bad breath on account of the foods you’ve eaten, medication you’ve taken, a sickness or infection, or just bad dental hygiene. Disregard oral health myths that say mouthwash is the sole answer to bad breath, and instead keep up with tooth brushing, flossing and brushing your tongue.

Brushing After Eating

You’ve finished dinner. You’re headed to the bathroom. But wait, don’t open that toothpaste just yet. Contrary to general opinion, brushing directly after you’ve had a meal is actually not a good thing. In fact, it can weaken your tooth enamel, particularly if you’ve consumed sugary foods or acidic drinks. It is better to rinse out your mouth with water first, and then wait thirty minutes before brushing.

Now that you’re wise to oral health myths, you’ll be caring for your teeth a lot smarter and save yourself some trouble in your mouth!

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