The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth

The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth fort washington

Teeth are the only human body part incapable of self-healing. Smoking results in direct chemical toxin contact, which can wreak havoc on teeth and gums. Over 35 percent of smokers suffer from three or more dental issues, and four times as many display subpar oral health. Next to cessation, diligent self-examinations and regular appointments with a dentist in Fort Washington may provide the best line of oral hygiene defense.

Enamel Breakdown

Enamel protects against tooth decay. It is the toughest material in the human body, and cannot regrow once destroyed. Tobacco use can break down enamel and cause painful sensitivity, staining and increased cavity risk. 

Gum Disease

In the United States, smokers account for over 40 percent of all gum disease sufferers. Smoking may reduce bloodstream oxygen levels and restrict blood vessels. Bacterial plaque production can then increase and fester. Gums and neighboring tissues may become infected, which can cause bad breath and harm the bones, tissues and ligaments that root, compose, connect and support teeth. A dentist in Fort Washington may be able to help by employing

  • Cleaning: Deep cleaning can remove stains and plaque.
  • Products: Specially formulated toothpaste and mouthwash may temporarily fight bad breath, bacteria and stains.
  • Medication: Antibiotics can treat infections.
  • Surgery: Procedures such as root canals, tarter flap surgery, bite correction, veneers, soft tissue grafting and implants may help but often come with delayed healing time.

Tooth Loss and Further Risks

Tobacco users are twice as likely to experience tooth loss yet often visit the dentist less regularly. On average, males can lose three teeth and females at least one tooth every 10 years. Jaw issues and loss of smell and taste perception can result. Tobacco also causes 90 percent of oral cancers.


Quitting smoking is often the most effective oral health step. Risk rates can decrease by 90 percent if quitting occurs prior to age 40. A dentist in Fort Washington may be able to recommend support groups that can help with the process. Regular checkups and consistent hygiene can prove effective in the short term but usually delay, rather than cure, harmful tobacco effects.

The Effects of Smoking on Your Teeth

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